October 10, 2013

Born Pretty Store Haul

Haven't done a haul post in a while! I was just so excited to share this one particular haul because upon discovery of this website, I freaked out and went nuts! I spent hours on the site just going through everything and I mean it. Everything is pretty darn cheap so I added so many items to my cart, but of course I reviewed them before I checked out.

If you've never heard of Born Pretty Store, you will be pleasantly surprised! It has tons and tons of nail art accessories as well as fashion accessories, makeup and other knick-knacks. They're located in either Singapore or Hong Kong (I already threw out my packaging and it doesnt say on their site :x) so everything is really cheap (price-wise) They have guaranteed FREE shipping WORLDWIDE! They also claim to ship within 24 hours, however for my order it took them a few days (not a big deal however)

Here's what I got!

Skull and crown scarf. How beautiful is this? It's very nice quality, a great size, however it's a silk-like material, so it may not be the best for keeping warm.

Black and orange skull scarf. Made of the same material as above, it's still really beautiful and of course I nabbed this one because of the ORANGE skulls! My inner goth is super happy right now.

Love love LOVE these earrings once I laid eyes on them. They're absolutely beautiful and elegant. They come in silver with a blue stone, but this one is way nicer.

Claw earrings! Only one is photographed here because I'm currently wearing one because I love it so much. At first, I thought it would be too big and clunky because I have so many piercings on my ears that I can't get away with too big of a stud. Because the claw goes under/behind the ear, it still fits and looks super badass (see below)

Claw cuff earring. I also really loved these and hoped that they were actual earrings that were for your cartilage, but they're just cuffs. As much as I know how easy it is for them to fall off, I bought it anyways and I loooove it. See below for the 2 different claw earrings together on the same ear:

"Glitter" skull necklace. Not sure why they call it glitter, but ah well. Skulls galore! (Are you noticing a theme here?) Love this necklace. It's a little shorter than I wanted it to be, but with the extra chain, it goes to a reasonable length.

Nail polish! Of course. It reminded me a lot of those nice indie polishes that have similar kinds of polishes, so I figured "why not?". The swatches on the site looked really nice as well.

Star-shaped nail studs! I've always wondered where people got those cool nail studs. After finding this site, I discovered that they have different shapes so naturally I decided to try something different, like these stars.

Glow-in-the-dark nail tattoos! Amongst studs, nail tattoos were another thing that I was wondering where people found. So I found some! Of course: skulls, skulls, skulls. And nautical stuff as well.

More nail tattoos. Thought these sakuras were gorgeous as I've seen someone use them before and they looked great. Hopefully I can recreate something as nice.

My "lucky bag" items. All 3 ended up being nail decor. No complaints though for 99 cents for all 3 (plus 1 roll of striping tape not pictured here)

3D Fimo Art. One of the most anticipated items from my order! I've been eyeing these for sooo long. LOOK HOW CUTE THEY ARE!! They look like erasers, but they're actually these plastic rods of design that you cut into tiny slices (think like slicing tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.) and attach them to your nails! I had to buy a pack of razors though, but those were cheap. I can't wait to start using these. I'm only just worried that they'll fall off too easy. I do have some nail glue however, just in case. Will definitely need to post them up here (or Instagram—whatever I feel like)

Overall, I'm extremely impressed with Born Pretty Store! I absolutely recommend the site as there is SO much to choose from. S e r i o u s l y ! The shipping price (FREE) can't be beat and it's actually really decent too, especially coming from where it does.


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