March 23, 2013

Spring It On

This past Wednesday, March 20th, marked the first day of Spring. Unfortunately the past week has been pretty dreadful in terms of weather, but it doesn't mean that it can't be spring on my nails.

Most people have brought out the pastels in shades of pinks, yellows, taupes and creams. My spring is muted purples, greens and blues. I'm not much of a trend follower when it comes to colors of the season because I just in general do not like trends. I prefer having my own take on things even with the season's latest.

( R to L: Julie, London, Vespa )

I've been really impressed with Zoya's collections lately. I'm also very much in love with this whole matte glitter trend too. The Pixie Dust collection polishes are SO glittery! It's gorgeous! I wasn't too happy with the selection of colors for their first batch of Pixie Dust colors, but I am looking forward to their spring/summer one. Although the green and grey/ash colors may not seem "spring"-like, I find that in combination with the others, it mixes well. I have already worn the 3 shades separately and am in love with each formula's staying power. Even Julie, the pastel purple, lilac has great staying power with a very fine, shimmering glitter.

The Pixie Dust collection is great when you want to be lazy for a week and have something that practically doesn't chip off. I've been sick for the past week and a half and worrying about my nails is the least of all of my worries, so having it stay on for a very long time was bonus. Removal is pretty similar to regular glitter polish, but foiling is not at all necessary. The glitters are fine enough for you to be able to get it off with a few rubs of a remover-soaked cotton pad.

( Fiver )

I had to choose wisely when it came to Butter London's spring collection since their polishes are not cheap! I'm a sucker for mints, so I chose Fiver. I had already ordered a bunch of blues and purples from spring collections, so I wanted something a bit light and not so specifically spring-like. The lightness of the mint was not too light against my pale skin tone, which made it enjoyable to wear. I do often get self-conscious of my hands when the polish clashes against my skin :x

( R to L: Tart-y For the Party, Fade Into Hue )

China Glaze's Avante Garden has to be one of my favorite spring collections this year because of their wide variety of nonconventional spring colors. While every other brand is releasing a whole bunch of pastel colors, China Glaze created a bunch of gorgeous muted colors and garden/earth tones. Although I picked 2 of the pastel/muted colors, I still thought the collection was fantastic. These 2 beautiful cool colors are a great addition to a wonderful spring outfit and can be worn all year round. The formula is fantastic and smooth and fairly opaque. If you can get your hands on any color from this collection, I definitely recommend doing so.

( R to L: Essie Go Ginza [not pictured above], China Glaze Tart-y For The Party, China Glaze Fade Into Hue, Butter London Fiver, Zoya Julie, Zoya London, Zoya Vespa )

What colors are you wearing this spring?


  1. All the nailpolishes look so pretty together on the nailwheel! I love Fiver, I don't know the brand it's from at all though.

    1. Really? You've never heard of Butter London? They're pretty good, but so terribly expensive, I don't even think it's worth it sometimes lol. It's a treat though I guess. I only have a very few in my collection.

      And yes, the look so cool on the wheel :D



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