January 31, 2013

Glossybox | January 2013

Sorry that my posts have been incredibly sparse and boring. I am planning on possible doing a random haul post of some sort, some time soon...

Enter Glossybox Jan 2013—the first of the new year.

Here's what's inside. Not too especially special this month, but still intriguing nonetheless.

WELLA // Leave-In Mousse for Colored Hair
Ah, well, I was happy to see a full size product here, but I'm not at all a mousse person. I do like that it's for color treated hair though. I may find some use for this in the future or I may know someone who does.

TOO FACED // Lip Injection Extreme
Holy crap what is this shit?! It started burning my lips immediately after applying it and even after I wiped it off. I understand there should be some sort of strange feeling in the lips if it's going to "plump" them, but it was so not worth the pain! I've been wanting to try Too Faced's products, but this one wasn't right for me. I'll never understand why girls want "plump" lips.

BURT'S BEES // Naturally Nourishing Milk & Honey Body Lotion
I love Burt's Bees and I've received a smaller sample of this stuff before and i really liked it. It's a great size for traveling and to carry around.

NIVEA // Essential Lip Care
I squealed when I saw this because I LOVE these Nivea lip balms! I actually use the whole thing because they're so great. I'm a huge lip balm lover so this is wonderful to have :D

VITABATH // Hand Cream
This is bart of Glossybox's choosing for their "Best in Moisture" products for 2012. I'm glad I got another Vitabath product because I was impressed with the scrub I got previously.

BEAUTY SO CLEAN // Cosmetic Sanitizing Wipes
I've gotten this before in a subscription box but never used them. I definitely think these products are wonderful and helpful in keeping your products sanitize. I definitely need to go through my stash and clean some stuff.

This month's box was alright, but there were enough products to keep me satisfied. I'm still really glad that Glossybox continues to collect some awesome samples.

If you're interested in purchasing your own subscription, you may do so for $21 a month by clicking here. Until next month...


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