June 21, 2012

KONAD Nail Stamping Art

At long last, I have gotten my hands on the infamous KONAD nail stamper than seems to be popular amongst the nail art lovers. I was so excited to receive this as I looked up many tutorials before deciding to finally place my order at nailpolishcanada.com

I thought it would be smart to buy a kit that includes the stamp, the scraper, some special nail polish plus some plates for $27, which was discounted from originally being $32, so I consider it a deal. It is honestly a great beginner kit! There was another one available on their website that included 2 polishes, 1 plater and the stamper + scraper, but I like the plates that come with the kit I bought.

This kit comes with the plates M2 and M3. In addition, I purchased the M57 plate for $8.75 (yikes)

Now my first impression when I received it was surprise! The plates were so small (everything seems to look bigger online)

I also fell into the trap! Whilst doing research before purchasing the kit, I did not know about the negatives. I had an extremely hard time trying to pick up the patterns onto the stamp! YouTube videos made it look SO easy, and they were from all different kinds of people. That being said, if you want to have this crazy cool toy, you have to have the patience of a god! It's extremely frustrating at times, which makes it easy to want to give up and throw it in the trash.

I still have yet to get the hang of it and I have searched for many solutions to help me with trying to pick up the patterns. A lot of them work every now and then, but nothing is guaranteed. For example, people suggest using an emery board to rub off the stamp part. People have also suggested kneading the rubber part of the stamp or even using an old credit card to wipe off the excess polish, instead of the provided scraper. Honestly, be patient! Here are some of my first attempts in the past week:

Konad White on top of Essence's Lime Up! (m3)

Konad Blue on top of NYC French White Tip (m57)

Konad White on top of Essie's Going Incognito (m57)

I still absolutely love the idea of being able to stamp on these neat little patterns, but I definitely wouldn't recommend doing it all the time (unless of course, you end up being a pro) There's also toooons of plates to choose from with all these cool patterns and designs, plus tons of tutorials of people's experiments. It's quite fascinating.


  1. The hearts and the last one turned out pretty good I think. I already know I do not have the patience for this.. I'd get frustrated using it the first time and never use it again xD

    Also, your new lay-out is amazing. AMAZING. <3

    1. hahaha, yes I definitely think the most recent one (the last one) is the best so far xD must keep trying! lol yea you're probably best off just drawing the designs on yourself with thin paint brushes

      Thank you! I really wanted to make it better :'3



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