April 09, 2012

April FOTD Calendar Challenge | Day 9: Movie Inspired (+2 others)

I've been behind again! And like last time, I managed to catch up! First off, we'll start with today's challenge: MOVIE INSPIRED

Product used:
• NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil: Milk
• BF 120 Palette (greens, coral)
• Lime Crime Circus Girl Loose Eyeshadow Dust
• GOSH Effect Powder in Yellow Seahorse
• Anabelle Kohl Eyeliner in Lotus
• Lancome Paris Hypnose Volume Eyeshadow
• Maybelline Shinesational in Minty Sheer

Any guesses? Poison Ivy! I know it's not that original, but I wanted to stay as far as possible away from anything Hunger Games related. Not really digging that whole stuff. Anyways, I don't have any actual nice, bold colored lipstick so I had to create my own with a coral colored eyeshadow from my palette.

Here are my other looks from the past 2 days.

DAY 7: Alex Box

Products used:
• ProFace white stage makeup
• BF 120 palette (turquoise, blues, pinks, purple)
• Tokidoki Punk Lash Mascara in Baby Rocker
• CoverGirl TruShine Lipstick 400
• GEO Hyper Bella Violet circle lenses

I didn't even know who Alex Box was and soon I discovered her wonderful art. I personally couldn't get myself to even mimic about 90% of the stuff she does, so I searched for something simple. I found a look that Alex did for some fashion show and this is my representation of it. It's definitely not something that I would wear, but given the type of work she does, it suits her clients.

DAY 8: Rockabilly

Products used:
• NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil: Milk
• BF 120 Palette (goldish white, redish pink, bright red)
• Anabelle Kohl Eyeliner Pencil in Jet Black
• Kiss Fake Eyelashes 02
• Lancome Paris Hypnose Volume Mascara
• GOSH Kohl Eyeliner in Denmark

I had no idea that this particular look had a name... then again I don't know a lot of things :x Anyways... for the longest time ever I've been worried to try out bright red lips because I thought that it would be too much red on my face, but much to my surprise, it looks good! Now I just have to go out and search for the best red. I also like the simplicity of this look, but I still personally detest the winged eye look...not sure why.


  1. I was gonna say the rockabilly look suits you really well, but then I read your comment about winged eyes.. haha! I think it looks nice on you, the red lips too ;)

    Love the poison ivy look! The greens are gorgeous~

    1. Hahaha, ah well. Maybe I can still pull it off without doing the winged eye thing :3

      Thank you :D



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