February 23, 2012

GOSH: Miss Minty

Alas, another nail polish review. I'm really terrible at this blogging thing, however I'm not too keen on being super successful. I do it merely for the hobby. However, I do have my first Sugarpill order on the way! I've been dying to buy from them since a while.


This is Miss Minty by GOSH cosmetics. I have only really seen it being sold at Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada. I don't know if any other store here sells it or whether it's even all that popular. I know I havent seen many reviews on them, especially from American beauty bloggers. Anyhow, I do own a few products of theirs, most of them being for the eyes.

I bought this polish on clearance for $3!! Regular price is about $10, so it's a bargain. I bought this color thinking that I didn't have a similar shade, but turns out I do! Essie's Mint Candy Apple.

It's a bit darker and bluer compared to the polish. It actually looked a lot bluer in the store at the time of purchase. Regardless though, I really like the color.

There was a little hair that was longer on the brush at first, so it made the application really weird and uneven. I trimmed it and it worked fine! I was a bit skeptical about using this because GOSH isn't really known for their nail polish (or at least when I was working at Shoppers Drug Mart for 2.5 years I never noticed it before) I was pleasantly surprised with the results! I even messed up one of my thumbs and it still came out smooth without removing the polish entirely from the nail!

I used Seche Base + Seche Vite with the polish and so far, so good. The formula is a bit sticky which I didn't like and felt like it piled on too thick. The coverage is pretty good. 2 coats is all it needs to become opaque, however it wasn't too bad even with 1 coat.

I'd still be willing to try out different shades though however :3

Overall rating:


  1. The Gosh brand is regularly sold here in The Netherlands, I've a few of their nailpolishes. I've been wanting a minty color like this one, I'll keep it in mind (though I've got to stop buying polishes for a while.. I've got quite a few I've never even worn before lol).

    1. Awesome! good to know. I was kind of beginning to think maybe they weren't so popular...even though I have visited their website and they have multiple sites for different country/regions

      lol i've suddenly become addicted to buying nail polish and I too have some that I still have yet to wear :0



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