January 20, 2012

China Glaze Cheers to You Giftset

Because this is a new year, I thought I'd start off by making my first beauty purchase a really pretty New Year's themed gift set. The set includes 2 polishes (Cheers to You - Silver & Midnight Kiss - gold) and a China Glaze shot class. Now I'm not one for drinking so I promptly gave it to my boyfriend for his collection...Which also explains why I didn't take a picture of my set.

These particular colors are from China Glaze's 2010 Holiday Collection. I picked this up on the clearance rack of Marshall's Canada for $11.00. Now if you're familiar with Marshall's/Winners, you know that they already have low prices. So according to the sticker, it was originally $14.99, as compared to $19.99. So regardless, it was still a bargain in my opinion.


It's a silvery foil type metallic polish that looks like tiny bits of fine glitter, that dry with a nice brushed silver look. I personally adore silver! I've had a silver polish stick by Sally Hansen but it was terrible quality and would rub off soon after application!

natural lighting


Like Cheers to You, this is also a foil type metallic polish that looks like fine bits of metallic glitter. I think this is my favorite of the 2 because it's subdued enough to not look too tacky.

natural light

The collection is absolutely beautiful! However I would have preferred if the gift set came with something different. I really like the Christmas sets that CG has, but I totally understand the circumstance and theme.

Overall rating:

I also managed to finally get my hands on the infamous Seche Vite!

I nabbed that at Winners for about $7.99, which I believe is regular price pretty much anywhere. I think I had to wander into about 4 or 5 Winners locations to finally find the Seche Vite. There would be times where the bottles were broken, someone stole the last one and left just the box or they'd have all the other polishes in the line, but Vite. I was so happy to find this.

Everyone was right about how amazing it is. It dries super quick, which is fantastic because I ALWAYS seem to mess up my nails no matter how long I wait for them to dry. This makes everything that much better.

Overall Rating:


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