October 14, 2011

Site Feature: Foreign Policy Design

I thought I'd do some "featured site" type of thing. Although I am not as infamous as TAXI, I still feel it's worth mentioning and promoting designer's websites from around to world, because there is just so much talent out there!

Today's amazing website feature is:

Foreign Policy Design

They're a creative, graphic design company based in Singapore. They are: "a team of idea makers & story tellers who help craft, realize and evolve brands with creative and strategic deployment of ideas narrated by different media."

Just check out some of their incredible work:

I don't care how taboo or cliche it has become, but I absolute adore any design that combines the beautiful formula of design with hand-made elements. I love the wood designs and the cardboard and the hand-printed/stamped designs. It's such a beautiful technique that enables an abundance of possibilities.

It appears that Foreign Design Policy has been making several waves in the media and who would want to stop them? Their designs are phenomenal. I would only hope to one day work for such a lovely firm, even if not in Singapore.

Keep up the amazing work FDP! It's marvelous.


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