October 04, 2011

GEO Hyper Bella Violet Circle Lens Review from SPECIALLENS.com

I finally get to do my very own and first review of circle lenses! I've been greatly inspired by the lovely Miss Hannah Montana and her lens reviews that I wanted to give it a try. She already reviewed these specific lenses, but I wanted to do my own as well :')

My package took a while to get to me. I was anticipating it to get here sooner because everyone else said their shipping was fast. Then again, I don't know where most of those people live and I am on the other side of the world to receive them. Sadly the tracking pretty much went to waste because Canada Post neglected to scan my parcel as it made its way to my house, so I was worried it was still stuck at customs for so long. Their shipping fee was surprisingly low, however they get you with the handling, so it averaged out to be around $11 for me.

I like that Speciallens uses their own recyclable boxes, very eco friendly and smart.

In my package was tons of bubble wrap, the 2 vials of contacts, the lens case, an instruction sheet and the packing slip. I had a little trouble getting open the vials, but thankfully Speciallens has instructions on their website on how to open them! Very useful.

Once opened, I inspected the lenses. Because I have been a long time contact wearer (11 years or so) I know what to look for and I also know that you can wear the lenses straight from vial, so no need to sterilize with contact lens solution.

As mentioned in my video, they were really easy to put in and comfortable to wear. The only thing that I wasn't used to was how round the lens was because it wouldn't really stay still on my finger tip.

After popping them in, I was really pleased with the results and love the color combo of my natural blue eyes with the purple.

here is what the lens looks like in my eye compared to my natural eye. I love how big it makes my eye look.

Even if you're not an experience contact wearer as I am, I would recommend this to anyone for its ease and simplicity. I also love that Speciallens is very accommodating with everything you need to know about circle lenses and how to maintain them. You should definitely check them out (:

Overall Rating:


  1. Likey much, oh I should stop in Canada and steal all your camera lenses D: Fantastically professional-looking pics T_T

  2. hehe really? i just use a regular 18mm-55mm lens and some macro filters :')



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