August 10, 2011

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Review

I've been meaning to post this for a while. Probably over a month ago when I was still working at Shoppers Drug Mart, I noticed these really cool nail sticker things you can put on your nails. I remember seeing Katy Perry having something similar once upon a time when I used to follow her on twitter, and so I knew I had to have it. They go for around $10 at SDM, but I've seen them for around $8 at Wal-mart. However, I was able to get them for $7 when I had my discount :')

so the first ever style/design I tried out is called "Cut it Out". It's a black and white floral design. Basically you are giving yourself a manicure. I will be honest here and say that I've never gotten a manicure in my life. Ever. I had to cling onto the instruction sheet for much needed guidance and even google.

The kit includes:
• instruction sheet
• cuticle pusher
• nail file w/ buffer
• strips

The first step was to push back your cuticles; cue google on that for me. Then you file down your nails and buffer them, etc etc. The kit comes with different sizes of nail strips so that you'll be able to fit all your nails or toe nails. Sadly you cannot do both in one kit. You peel off the strips, press to adhere to nail, then file it off. (The file comes with a less abrasive side to do this) And that's pretty much it.

I was very pleased with my results, considering that I rushed my entire right hand—thankfully I'm ambidextrous :') They lasted past 10 days for me and were in good condition! Of course it'll tend to look bad because your nail grows and there will be space between the bottom of the strip and where your nail grows.

Of course, there are some downsides. They claim that they are easily removed with nail polish, however I beg to differ. I found it difficult to remove with nail polish because they're quite thick. Also, sometimes the peel off easily around the edges, which always makes me sad.

After trying this design, I went out and bought more....4 more!

from left to right: Frock Star, Girl Flower, Cut it Out & Wild Child

Since then, I've only tried Frock Star and am currently wearing Girl Flower. And I bring you some pictures of that...

Overall rating:

I adore the quality of this product and I absolutely love the variety of designs and only hope that they continue to make way more. Also, I've gotten a shitton of comments on my nails from people I know and even people I don't know! I've had cashiers grab my hands as I was handing over my debit card to them just so they can see them. Hah. I recommend this product all the way!


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