July 20, 2011

Lime Crime Coquette Lipstick

Alrighty, seeing as I got this yesterday, I might as well talk about it. I have bought from Lime Crime Makeup in the past and I actually won some free stuff by them from one of their contests that they hold every now and then on Facebook.

I wont even go near their ridiculous packaging, nor will I compare it to other brands because in all attempts to be different, I still think black packaging looks more classy and I mean, if I want a specific brand/color, I can just read the little sticker they put at the bottom of them anyways. However, I think if they went with the blue color of their mailing packages, or even the lime green one the inside of the lipstick box, then maybe we have something.

I chose to buy from their newly released Pop Romance collection and chose the color 'Coquette' during their 30% off sale. I was pretty disappointed with the color though when I received it. I was actually really excited to receive this one. I have really fair skin and even with a hint of dreaded sun, the color was way too dark and orangey to be a nude for me. I understand that it must be hard coming up with one general nude color, but gawd dammit photoshop makes things look good. But it's mostly my fault when I decided to dye my hair red. I pretty much have stopped wearing makeup in general because it emphasizes the redness in my face.

It's actually darker on me irl, but like I said, photoshop... I definitely can't wear it at its opaquest color. I have to smudge/blot it. I'm really no expert on lipsticks, but if any one knows a way to lighten the pigment, that would be great.

I did swatch it on my pasty skin though:

Overall rating:

for effort and failure to be accurate with the swatch. Holy hell is it ever different looking on the website.


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